Beach Fossils at the Brooklyn Bowl

Beach Fossils – Not the greatest quality video, but amazing performance!

On Sunday night, I went to a free show called Local x Local at the Brooklyn Bowl featuring a few local businesses as well as Brooklyn band Beach Fossils. I’ve never been to the venue before but HOLY GUACAMOLE (there was a locally grown salsa-made-from-every-plant-you-can-think-of-table)! Brooklyn Bowl is a restaurant, a bar, a bowling alley, and a music and dance venue all puzzle-pieced together. The dark wood floors, massively high ceiling beams and brick walls make this place look like the Valhalla of fun. The stage and the pit are big, much bigger than The Living Room, Rockwood Music Hall, and both floors of Backstage Bar combined. As a performer, your job is to take up all the air in the room, to fill the stage and the audience, not necessarily with people, but with your music, your sound and your attitude. Ideally, you want to be larger than life, and when you’re swallowed by a too-big stage, your mere humanity is painfully obvious.

In the interest of full disclosure, I’ve been lucky enough to become acquainted with Beach Fossils, but what follows next are all things I would say about them regardless of our burgeoning friendship. They rock. Though only a four-person band, they took free reign of the space, using most of the stage. They came out smiling, as though they were ready to share a little secret with us; that we were about to be entertained and we had better get stoked. Fast. The set started off high-powered and gripping and never lost momentum. They were constantly moving around on the stage (the drummer even stood up at this kit and the bassist took off his sneakers and danced, using a good third of stage left for himself, which got an entirely different group of side-hanging wall flowers dancing) and it’s clear they actually enjoy playing their own music. They looked at each other, joked to the audience, smiled, laughed and filled the entire room with…well, what I can only call Good Vibes. Their music fits right in with this attitude; they’ve got fantastic, memorable traveling bass lines, peppy drumming, and frontman Dustin Payseur’s voice is charming and sweet. Their tropical surfer-new wave-rock hodge-podge is hard to describe but easy to like. I can only think this band is doing everything right. They have one full-length self-titled album out right now as well as two really great EP’s, of which Face It/Distance is my favorite. They’ll be on tour in Europe for the next six weeks, but after that I hope we can look forward to their glorious return to the Brooklyn music scene. Check out their myspace

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