Back on the blog…

OK, so I know it’s been awhile and, really, things have been hectic here (“here” being “my life,”) but I apologize for the long and rather awkward silence. I have been attending some GREAT STUFF though, you guys would be jealous. Really.

As I head off to see the Walkmen and Fleet Foxes tonight at the Williamsburg Waterfront for the final concert of the season, I wanted to just catch you up on some of the awesome stuff I’ve seen lately (this will be fast.)

In L.A. I had the pleasure of attending FYF Fest with about 20,000 other SoCal residents. The festival was at Los Angeles Historic State Park in downtown LA and was referential towards Coachella with multiple tent venues set up, each one with a (somewhat) theme in terms of artists and lots of FABULOUS outfits, marijuana, dust, beers, tacos, port-a-potties and head-bobbing. I had a great tim, i should have taken pictures, I’m really really really sorry and I’ll never not take pictures again, and I got to see some bands I really love, including No Age, who were so rad, Cold War Kids, and Broken Social Scene. BSS covered Modest Mouse halfway through their set, which may have very little meaning to many people, but growing up in L.A. held so much power for me. My teenage years were spent mainly in someone else’s car (for a while in there I was too young to drive) listening to lots of classic and indie rock and Modest Mouse’s album “Good New for People Who Love Bad News” was definitely a staple of those times. Hearing that song again, while standing in a dusty pit with thousands of other people, as the moon rose above us and the sun set, surrounded by palm trees to the right and the towering skyscrapers of downtown to the left….magic.

I have also been going to see a lot of Free Jazz lately, and I feel like it’s the only time that my insane ADD brain is occupied just enough so that the rest of my logical, deep-thinking and calm brain can think deeply and meditate a little. GIVE ME NOISE OR GIVE ME DEATH. Ahem. Anyway, I have been going to an apartment on the Upper West Side for curated musical evenings lovingly known as “Papacookie” with some really wonderful people who inhabit this killer space. The apartment was decorated by the inhabitants’ grandparents and looks as though, once the multitude of tchotchkes had all found their respective places, they folded their arms, sat their asses down and refused to move for the next forty years. I’m going there again this week and I’ll take some pictures and show you all what I’m talkin about.

Are you jealous yet? I’ll leave you with this little gem while I go and blow dry my hair and try to figure out if there’s a super cool outfit i have that I can also bike in. The G train is garbage.


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