Occupy Wall Street – March across the Brooklyn Bridge, October 2nd

This weekend saw the marching of thousands of people through NYC’s Financial District and onto the Brooklyn Bridge during a peaceful protest against the corruption of the financial system and the unequal distribution of wealth in this country in addition to the unfair sway that the wealthiest 1% of Americans have over the government and the economy.

I went, I shouted and I took photos and video and while this wasn’t expressly a musical event, there was a lot of music in the streets on Saturday.

Here are some photos of some of the signs from the protest at its beginning in Liberty Square and through to the Brooklyn Bridge, where the police allowed protesters to walk onto the roadway and then proceeded to arrest 700 people.


3 responses to “Occupy Wall Street – March across the Brooklyn Bridge, October 2nd

  1. Bravo! Lets’ not stop this until we reclaim our country from the greedy, the paranoid the rich and the powerful. This is America and it will happen. To be on the street is American, to protest is American, to demand justice is American, to take care of each other is American, to unite is American!
    We will take our country back. Take this message to everyone you come in contact with, especially to those who were hoodwinked into believing that voting against their own best interests is American. You need all of them with you on Wall Street. They are crucial to our struggle.

  2. Well done AK! The Revolution will not be televised.

  3. Keep up the good work AK – I will be in DC on November 6, surrounding the White House in the same protest against the rich to stop the XL Pipeline, another example of political back door dealings against the will of the best interests of the people. Another act of Civil Disobedience where we can influence Obama to say “no” without congressional backing. His decision. Your courage to stand up in Liberty Square may help give Obama the courage to stand up against big business and be the President he wants to be but has failed to be to date. Onward. In the great tradition of Jefferson against the tyranny of corporations so called “too big to fail” and greed that creates. Force politicians to see America from the eyes of the 99% – not the 1%. dc

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